Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing


KBC Cleaners power cleans your tile and grout using equipment, products and techniques that get deep down into the imbedded dirt and grime. Because grout is porous Some times grout can get soils / stains in them that will not be removed with a standard cleaning so we also offer grout recolor and sealing. This is the fix for those times we can’t just clean your grout back to its original appearance.


We can seal new and old tile and grout to protect it using penetrating sealer that protects the grout and allows for easy damp mop cleaning and elimination of the accumulation of micro organisms. The quality sealant we use is specially formulated to provide maximum stain protection especially in food preparation and serving areas.

Grout Color Staining / Sealing

We can help make your dull, dingy tile and grout appear brand new because not only can we clean and restore them, we can color seal your grout lines to any color you choose. With its fungicides, bactericides and mildicides, our color sealant process provides sanitation for many years.

Grout Staining is the re-coloring of existing grout. Grout Staining offers many benefits including maximizing protection and beauty while minimizing maintenance. Additionally, grout staining gives home or business owners the option of changing the grout to either a lighter or darker color. If done right, grout staining can increase property values by giving a clean, updated look to the tile installation for many years to come.

Tile and Grout Pricing
Grout Cleaning  
  • Clean Only
  • Clean and Seal

$1.00/sq. Ft.
$1.50/sq. Ft.

Grout Staining

 $1.75/sq. Ft.

Slate Sealing

 $2.50/sq. Ft.

All other Services

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