Powersportsbizz.com Great thanks for all the help

I have to give a Big thanks to David Kane of Powersportsbizz.com for helping me get through my work day. I have bad knees and have had to wear medically prescribed knee braces to keep the knee supported. Well a long story short I could only wear them for an hour or two with out them hurting or riding up or down my leg limiting my range of motion. being that I am a carpet cleaner I always have to bend down while cleaning. I I got to talking to David Kane from Powersportsbizz.com at one of our motocross races about his C frame knee braces from Leatt.He was telling me how great they were and that I could get them prescribed from my doctor normally. Well for the price I got them from David I did not even bother going through the doctor. I paid less for the set than I paid for one of my other ones. Now the good part I can work in them all day with out any riding up or down my leg and they are holding up like iron. My knees don’t get as soar as they used to even with the other braces and they have one other big advantage. because of the design of the C frame I can feel the side of my motor cycle when racing. This alone gives me big confidence while riding and that only helps the race results. So Thanks again David Kane for all your support both on and off the track

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