Hard Surface Cleaning

KBC Cleaners cleans a wide variety of hard surfaces. Most of them you walk on are covered. Here’s a small list so you might have an example of what we can do:

  • Wood floor cleaning and refinishing
  • Linoleum cleaning and refinishing
  • Laminate floor cleaning
  • VCT (vinyl composite tile)stripping cleaning and refinishing
  • Ceramic tile cleaning and real grout lines

….and many others. Generally if you walk on it we clean it.

We use trained and IICRC certified employees to do these services. We took the time to get trained so we don’t try to learn at your expense. Our goal is to keep you satisfied.

The cleaning techniques for cleaning hard surfaces varies from floor to floor so much that we would be here all day listing the different cleaning techniques. So you can just rest assured we stay on top of the new cleaning techniques and only use the best equipment to do the job right. Protecting your investment is our only way of doing business.

Hard Surfaces Pricing  
Minimum Service Call


Wood Floor Cleaning

$.50/sq. Ft

Grout Cleaning  
  • Clean Only
  • Clean and Seal

$1.00/sq. Ft
$1.50/sq. Ft

Slate Sealing

$2.50/sq. Ft

Grout Staining

$1.75/sq. Ft

Tile Floor Strip and Wax (VCT)

$.55/sq. Ft