Here at KBC CLeaners  we use two main types of cleaning. The first and most often used is VLM very low moisture cleaning. This is accomplished with the help of the Trinity Renewal System. It is a combination of rotary and oscillating cleaning which scrubs the surface to remove the soils from the fiber and traps them in absorbent pads, and most often the left over moister will dry and encapsulate any additional soils. This method become a a fast drying minimal residue cleaning. When I say minimal it”s as close to zero as you can get.

The second method is called hot water extraction “steam cleaning” This method rely s on cleaning agents to suspend the soils and hot water to flush the fiber out and vacuum to remove the water. This method can be cheaper than VLM  but is a good second for heavy soil removal. Most commonly we use this system as a tool for the VLM trinity renewal system.

Most of our carpet cleaning customers chose the Trinity renewal system as there favored cleaning method. The above cleaning was described as a carpet cleaning and all the other surfaces we clean also use these cleaning methods aas well as other special equipment.