About Us

KBC Cleaners is family owned and operated.  We started our company with you in mind.

KBC Cleaners began as Kristin’s Cleaning Service in 1995 as a way to make some extra cash cleaning a couple houses. Within the first few months of going that extra mile and always keeping the customers needs our top priority, the business became Kristin’s sole income. After several attempts to turn business away, we finally decided to bring on employees and let it continue to grow by word of mouth.

Most of our cleaning services we offer come from customers’ requests; can you do this for us? Our standard response is we’ll go learn and be back when we’re confident we can do the job with out risking your investment.

In 2001 we decided that carpet cleaning would be a good service to offer our customers. After several months of studying different cleaning methods, we decided dry cleaning would be a safe way to clean carpets and our employees could do it well.

Although dry cleaning is a good way to clean carpets it is limited to light cleaning otherwise known as maintenance cleaning. Because some jobs were more than dry cleaning could handle, we added steam cleaning to our services and received the necessary training to become IICRC certified.

We invested in the necessary equipment to do the work professionally and efficiently, and began practicing on friends and family, (sorry friends and family). Steam cleaning has become one of our most requested services. With the addition of these services we changed our name to KBC Cleaners; it seemed we out grew the Kristin’s cleaning service.

KBC Cleaners takes a proactive approach to our cleaning services. We take the time to get training and certification in our specialty services, instead of saying we can do the job and learning at your expense. We’re committed to ongoing training and to staying on top of the new cleaning methods.

We offer competitive prices and exceptional service. KBC is the only decision you have to make for all your cleaning needs.

Ken and Kristin Luebke

Hours of Operation

Residential jobs can be scheduled from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. We schedule most days for three scheduled time Morning Noon and Afternoon. The first job is at its scheduled time and we ask that you leave a two hour window from your scheduled time to allow for any delays or changes during the cleaning day.

Commercial jobs that require after-hours cleaning can be scheduled as well, but require a minimum of a weeks notice.

We do offer some week end appointments as well as 24 hour emergency services. such as water extraction, pet spot removal, spot removal, and odor removal.